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We are Warp Japan

Nice to meet you

Meet our team

We base our experience in the Japanese and Asian market assists international brands with their Digital strategy locally and globally. We have skillful international experts in house passionate for new technologies and eager to create the perfect tool for each of the clients needs

Nao Sato



Cares about employees working environment first and high quality projects to satisfy our clients needs.

Noriko Hayashi



Learned Media Arts and Sociology at Tokyo University of Arts. Taking care of project from proposal to development as a director. Loves culture and lifestyle related websites.

Airi Toumei



Former director in a medical advertising agency. Is aiming to be a director who fully understands and has an interest for both clients and users. Wishing a peaceful life, meanwhile fond of exciting things. Loves playing table tennis.

Hiroshi Iwabuchi



Studied web production and design. Always tries to get the best for both the clients and users. Loves Sci-fi and digital gadgets.

Maika Shigekuni



Studied UX design at MAU. Previously worked as a planner, designer and now a director. Wants to do always our best with Warp’s international team. Aims to provide not only a successful product to our clients but also a user-friendly and entertaining product to the customers. Is 3rd dan in Kendo, techno DJ and a fighting mom.

Michel Miyagaya



After working at Paris airport for 18 years, came back to Japan and joined Warp Japan. Switching from a field work to a desk work was a little bit hard at first, but kept challenging to gain new skills. His hobbies are driving and taking naps.

Visun Le Duong



French designer with a print and digital design background. Loves experimenting layouts and composition. Passionate of beautiful typefaces. Sketches during her free time. Eats too much.

Yoren Geromin



French and cute designer with a print and digital design background. Likes modern and minimalist layouts, UX, traditional japanese culture and takoyaki. Loves to see his clients’ projects come to life.

Toshihiro Osawa


Infra Engineer

Used to write and report for a car magazine. Infra engineer, programmer and director. Loves Linux, IoT gadgets and machine learning. Promotes DevOps.

Lok Hin Chan



Developer from Hong Kong and studied web production in Japan. Thinks that to have a purpose in life, “we have to study what we love”. Loves games, cycling and skateboarding.

Thomas Prost



Developer who used to work in London, San Francisco, and France. Loves watching and playing basketball.

Reo Yoshida



Studied web production at technical college and now is front-end developer. Likes websites with animations, is interested in Unity and 3D. Loves playing guitar and drawing.